cairomm  1.16.2
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CContextContext is the main class used to draw in cairomm
 CDeviceDevices are the abstraction Cairo employs for the rendering system used by a cairo_surface_t
 CLockA convenience class for acquiring a Device object in an exception-safe manner
 CFontFaceA FontFace represents a particular font at a particular weight, slant, and other characteristic but no size, transformation, or size
 CFontOptionsThe font options specify how fonts should be rendered
 CGlitzSurfaceA GlitzSurface provides a way to render to the X Window System using Glitz
 CImageSurfaceImage surfaces provide the ability to render to memory buffers either allocated by cairo or by the calling code
 CMatrixA Transformation matrix
 CPathA data structure for holding a path
 CPatternCairo::Pattern is the paint with which cairo draws
 CPdfSurfaceA PdfSurface provides a way to render PDF documents from cairo
 CPsSurfaceA PsSurface provides a way to render PostScript documents from cairo
 CQuartzFontFaceThe Quartz font backend is primarily used to render text on Apple MacOS X systems
 CQuartzSurfaceA QuartzSurface provides a way to render within Apple Mac OS X
 CRecordingSurfaceA recording surface is a surface that records all drawing operations at the highest level of the surface backend interface, (that is, the level of paint, mask, stroke, fill, and show_text_glyphs)
 CRegionA simple graphical data type representing an area of integer-aligned rectangles
 CScaledFontA ScaledFont is a font scaled to a particular size and device resolution
 CSurfaceA cairo surface represents an image, either as the destination of a drawing operation or as source when drawing onto another surface
 CSvgSurfaceA SvgSurface provides a way to render Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) images from cairo
 CToyFontFaceA simple font face used for the cairo 'toy' font API
 CUserFontFaceFont support with font data provided by the user
 CWin32FontFaceFont support for Microsoft Windows
 CWin32PrintingSurfaceA multi-page vector surface type for printing on Microsoft Windows
 CWin32ScaledFontScaled Font implementation for Microsoft Windows fonts
 CWin32SurfaceA Win32Surface provides a way to render within Microsoft Windows
 CXlibSurfaceAn XlibSurface provides a way to render to the X Window System using XLib
 Ccairo_matrix_tSee the cairo_matrix_t reference in the cairo manual for more information