The following list shows some of the libraries and programs that are using cairo. Additions to this list are quite welcome.

Collected Demos

A git repository of contributed examples is available on gitlab. These cover PS, X11, sdl, quartz, gtk, and more.

Snippets with screenshots

Øyvind Kolås has put together a great little page of samples showing how to draw useful things with small snippets of code.

Cairocks is a small library of useful, common Cairo routines. Examples for using it with cairo-gl and SDL2 are also available. A cairocffi-based Python3 companion module named cairockscffi is also available.

Bezier gradients

Bezier gradients, also known as type 6/7 gradients in PS/PDF parlance, are incredibly power tools. Using a patchwise 2D cubic Bezier surface allows them to construct any of the lesser gradients such as linear, conical and radial, and the flexibility to do so much more.

Small demos

A simple pygtk clock and a pygtk shogiban using svg to pixbuf rendering providing a GUI for gnushogi. Xiangqiboard uses cairo via the Gtk2Hs Library for the Haskell programming language.

Mirco (MacSlow) Müller wrote a Cairo Clock that is a good example of how to use Cairo and librsvg in a real application.

Mike Hearn wrote a very simple demo of how to make partly transparent windows with GTK+ and Cairo, and MacSlow has written a more complete example that uses the new XShape extensions to make the transparent areas click-through.

MacSlow also provided a little demonstration of using cairo-drawn graphics as dynamic textures for OpenGL. You can check out that particular example with:

git clone git://people.freedesktop.org/~macslow/gl-cairo-cube

Juan Manuel Mouriz provided another simplest example of using cairo-drawn graphics as dynamic textures for OpenGL. You can check out with:

svn checkout http://gtk-gl-slider.googlecode.com/svn/ gtk-gl-slider-read-only

Further examples regarding cairo, glitz and OpenGL are described on the cairo and OpenGL page.

A pycairo example showing how to use librsvg on windows: cairo rsvg and python in windows

A small physics / blob simulator using Cairo and SDL for rendering: blobsallad

The Xlib page outlines using Cairo with just Xlib to make a simple GUI demo.


A multi-threaded animation tutorial with cairo and GTK+: threaded animation with cairo

A nice vector animated clock video

An explanation of animating graphics with easings

The getting started with graphics http://www.getlazarus.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=35

anim_framework is a framework for generating geometrical animations using Python, including some examples

Cairo in motion is a small Cairo C__ in FLTK1 example of animation along spline paths.

Toolkits based on cairo



Other projects and programs

GTK Cairo canvas: plans, experiments, interest