Haskell bindings

The haskell bindings are available via darcs:

darcs get http://ofb.net/~abe/darcs/cairo

There are also haskell bindings for libsvg-cairo, designed to work well with hscairo:

darcs get http://ofb.net/~abe/darcs/svg-cairo

-- Abe Egnor (1 Dec 2004)

Updated Haskell bindings

There are also some new bindings based on Abe's work but updated to the 0.9.x cairo API and made to work with the Gtk2Hs Haskell bindings for Gtk+.

This project was supported by a Google Summer of Code grant. You can read more about the development of these bindings in Paolo's blog.

The current version of these bindings are built as part of Gtk2Hs but they will eventually be released separately.

darcs get --partial http://darcs.haskell.org/gtk2hs/

-- Duncan Coutts (11 Jan 2006)