for Cairo 1.12.4

cairo_t — The cairo drawing context
Paths — Creating paths and manipulating path data
cairo_pattern_t — Sources for drawing
Regions — Representing a pixel-aligned area
Transformations — Manipulating the current transformation matrix
text — Rendering text and glyphs
Raster Sources — Supplying arbitrary image data
cairo_font_face_t — Base class for font faces
cairo_scaled_font_t — Font face at particular size and options
cairo_font_options_t — How a font should be rendered
FreeType Fonts — Font support for FreeType
Win32 Fonts — Font support for Microsoft Windows
Quartz (CGFont) Fonts — Font support via CGFont on OS X
User Fonts — Font support with font data provided by the user
cairo_device_t — interface to underlying rendering system
cairo_surface_t — Base class for surfaces
Image Surfaces — Rendering to memory buffers
PDF Surfaces — Rendering PDF documents
PNG Support — Reading and writing PNG images
PostScript Surfaces — Rendering PostScript documents
Recording Surfaces — Records all drawing operations
Win32 Surfaces — Microsoft Windows surface support
SVG Surfaces — Rendering SVG documents
Quartz Surfaces — Rendering to Quartz surfaces
XCB Surfaces — X Window System rendering using the XCB library
XLib Surfaces — X Window System rendering using XLib
XLib-XRender Backend — X Window System rendering using XLib and the X Render extension
Script Surfaces — Rendering to replayable scripts
cairo_matrix_t — Generic matrix operations
Error handling — Decoding cairo's status
Types — Generic data types
Index of new symbols in 1.2
Index of new symbols in 1.4
Index of new symbols in 1.6
Index of new symbols in 1.8
Index of new symbols in 1.10
Index of new symbols in 1.12
A. Creating a language binding for cairo
General considerations
Memory management
Multiple return values
Overloading and optional arguments
Streams and File I/O
Error handling