cairo 1.8.6 release available
From: Chris Wilson <>
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2008 17:00:04 +0000
Subject: cairo release 1.8.6 now available

A new cairo release 1.8.6 is now available from:

    which can be verified with:
d1e5479d4eeb7b1a3589672e3ef8f4899e7c5eba  cairo-1.8.6.tar.gz
(signed by Chris Wilson)

  Additionally, a git clone of the source tree:

git clone git://

    will include a signed 1.8.6 tag which points to a commit named:

    which can be verified with:
git verify-tag 1.8.6

    and can be checked out with a command such as:
git checkout -b build 1.8.6

The cairo community is pleased to announce the 1.8.6 release of the
cairo graphics library. This is the third update to cairo's stable
1.8 series and contains a small number of bug fixes (in particular a
few fixes for failures of cairo 1.8.4 on Quartz and PDF, and build fixes
for a couple of backends). This is being released just under a month
after cairo 1.8.4.

We recommend that everyone using cairo upgrade to 1.8.6.


Build fixes
Fix build of DirectFB backend with debugging enabled:

   Bug in _cairo_directfb_surface_release_source_image function

Fix build on OS/2.

Bug fixes
Workaround a mis-compilation of cairo_matrix_invert() that generated
invalid matrices and triggered assertion failures later. The issue was
reported by Peter Hercek.

Invalid computation of the modulus:

Invalid referencing of patterns in the Quartz backend:

   (&pattern->ref_count)' when using cairo quartz backend

Invalid references to glyphs after early culling, causing segmentation
faults in the PDF backend:

Check for XRender in the XCB backend, or else we may attempt an invalid
memory access:

    XCB backend fails with missing render.